A Collective Restart – A group lesson in resiliency

Apr 13, 2020


noun: resiliency

  1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

This is where we are. As a collective. As a community. As one.

We have all been asked to do one really big thing together … STOP.

Stop, stay home, stop physical social connection. For anyone who has been craving some idle down time it seems like a gift, right? For us introverts, dreamy, right? But no. This is different. We are all united in the same goal of stay home and stay well but the inability to connect to others in that very real, human way, is proving extremely difficult for many.

Adriana Komorniczak, Registered Psychotherapist discusses further:

Resiliency. When I think of resiliency, it fills me with hope and reminds me of our capacity as humans to bounce back and recover from hardships. In this very moment of time and in this collective experience that we as a whole community, society, country and even world, are facing, it’s comforting to know that amid all of this uncertainty and fear, there are still moments of STRENGTH, HOPE and GRIT that we all share and that will get us through this together. I am reassured with the thought that without even knowing it, we are, right now, in this very moment, both acting out of and building resiliency within us.

Each and every day that we wake up and face what’s inevitable, completely out of our control and uncertain, we are building our capacity to bounce back from hardship. Resiliency creates within us a power to recover from extremely difficult experiences, such as these unprecedented times that we are currently facing. It’s through these challenging times that we are able to both witness and gain access to our own resiliency, as well as bear witness to the outstanding resiliency happening in the world.

Resiliency reminds us that we will stand stronger than ever after this has passed… that we will look back and be amazed and brought to tears (if not already) by the millions of remarkable acts of kindness, heroism and compassion.”

Resiliency, while innate to a point, meaning we are all born with a certain amount of resilience that we then cultivate and expand requires experiences, trials and errors, time and intention to improve. Even then, the most resilient people may find new and unexpected or extremely difficult experiences, harder to bounce back from. But they do learn and grow from the experience itself and how they navigated through it and it will help to build up their resilience bank. Not everyone bounces back easily and it is important to recognize that it is okay to struggle and normal when you find some situations more difficult than others to get through.

These are difficult and unique times. If you find you are struggling to build or maintain your resiliency and are looking to connect, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are simply, better together and in these times, it takes a village to help us all navigate the new “normal”.

Adriana can be reached at adrianak@thrivemassagewellness.com and is available for initial phone consultations and ongoing virtual psychotherapy sessions.