Booking Requirements – Credit Cards: FAQ

Jan 4, 2023

Since adding a credit card requirement for all client bookings, we wanted to answer some of the more frequently asked questions re: credit card on file.

1. Why have you added a credit card requirement for booking for all clients?

Great question and the answer is that when we added this requirement for all new clients/patients about 18 months ago, we wished we had always done it this way!  Adding it more recently unfortunately meant that all pre-existing clients/patients in the system did not require a card to book (it was optional to add to their account at the time of booking).  Since then, the overwhelming number of missed appointments and late cancellations have come from pre-existing clients with no card on file.  This meant our Administrative team using lots of time trying to contact these individuals to get payment for these appointments.  We have decided to eliminate this issue by having a card on file for these situations.

2. Do I really need to have a card on file to book an appointment?

Yes!  We simply cannot continue to allow missed appointments/late cancellations that are not compensated for.  We know that the majority of you appreciate that our practitioners set this time aside for you and with too little notice or a no show for an appointment, 3 people are affected: you, the practitioner and the person who could have had that appointment time.  Our practitioners livelihood is dependent on their clients/patients being accountable for their booked appointments.  A card on file will be required for all clients regardless of whether you book online or by phone or book in advance with your practitioner.

3. Will my card on file be automatically charged if I miss an appointment or late cancel?

We will do our best to contact you and discuss options for payment but if we are unable to contact you or arrange alternative payment, the card on file will be charged the applicable fee and you will be emailed your receipt for payment.

4. What is your cancellation policy?

Our missed appointment and cancellation policy can be linked to from our booking page and is also clearly laid out on your intake/consent form.  We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy and the full fee applies in the case of a missed appointment or “no show”, or a late cancellation with less than 24 hours notice (with the exception of Chiropractic where you will be charged 50% of the fee for a late cancellation, full fee for a missed appointment). Here is the link to our Cancellation Policy.

If you can fill your appointment spot with another client (friend/family etc.) and we can confirm they are coming and their booking information, no cancellation fees will apply.

We understand that emergencies arise, please contact our administrative team as soon as possible to discuss these situations for appointment cancellations.

5. Can I cancel my appointment online within 24 hours of my appointment?

Prior to the 24 hour mark, you can reschedule or cancel your appointment from your appointment confirmation email or your 7 day reminder.  Within the 24 hour mark of your appointment time, you must call or email the clinic to cancel.  You cannot cancel online with less than 24 hours notice.

6. How secure is your credit card storage system?

We use Square online payment processing to securely store your credit card information.  This is a separate Point of Sale system that is integrated into our booking software.  Once credit card information is entered into your file, it is encrypted and inaccessible to our team for anything other than invoice payment processing.  You can read more about Square’s PCI compliance and security features here.

7.  Do I always need to use the card on file as my form of payment once it is submitted?

Nope!  You can chose to use your card on file OR pay with another form of payment at the time of your appointment.

8.  My insurance is typically direct billed by your administrative team.  Do I still require a card on file?

Yes.  Unfortunately, missed appointments or late cancellations cannot be direct billed to your insurance.  You will still receive a receipt for payment noting whether it was a missed appointment or late cancellation that you are welcome to submit yourself to your insurance.  Also, often insurance covers most of, or a portion of a treatment and we need to collect payment for the balance so a card on file is an easy way to manage this for you!

9. Is there an alternative to having a card on file?  I’m uncomfortable entering my card online. 

The system we use (Square POS) for collecting credit card information is extremely secure (please see the information above in question 6) but we understand some people still are not completely comfortable entering their information online.  You have 2 options in this case: We can add a valid credit card to your private client file in lieu of the online booking system or you can apply and maintain a credit on account using whatever payment method you chose and we will advise you when that credit reaches $0.

We know that this change in our booking system may pose a slight inconvenience to you. We appreciate that you recognize the need to implement this change and we are grateful that many of you already respect and value our practitioner’s time. Thank you so much for your overwhelmingly positive response to this addition.  We are so grateful for your support and appreciation of our team!