Chiropractic Care: Which Appointment Should You Book?

Jan 4, 2023

If you are going to book a chiropractic appointment with our amazing Chiropractor, Dr. Clive Clutton, you’ll see that there are a few options for booking.  We wanted to take a moment and break down what each appointment is, so that you’ll know which one is right for you to book.

First, if you are a new client to Dr. Clive, an Initial Assessment is required.  You will need to call the clinic to book this appointment so that our administrative team can take all of the necessary information, provide you with the information you will need as well as pre-book a few follow up appointments to ensure that you have these in advance, as the schedule fills up quite quickly.  These appointments can be adjusted or cancelled after your Initial Assessment if needed.

An Initial Assessment is a 50 minute appointment, where Dr. Clutton will review your intake, health history and any reports you provide and complete a full assessment and physical examination of the area of complaint. Based on this assessment a report of findings including a treatment plan is explained to the patient.
*this appointment is for NEW PATIENTS for Dr. Clutton at Thrive*

A Basic Subsequent Treatment is a 20 minute appointment for treatment of a previously assessed or treated area of complaint within the last 4 months. *If you have 2 or more areas of complaint that you need addressed that have been previously assessed/treated, please book a Comprehensive Treatment. If you need to see Dr. Clutton for a new area of concern/injury, or you haven’t been in in over 4 months, please book a Re-Assessment appointment.
*this appointment is for a SINGLE COMPLAINT treatment or a follow up for an existing issue that has already been assessed. If you come in for this appointment with multiple complaints or an additional issue that has not previously been assessed, Dr. Clutton will advise you to book a Re-Assessment follow up*

A Comprehensive Subsequent Treatment is a 50 minute appointment for treatment of 2 or more previously assessed or treated areas of complaint within the last 4 months.  If you need to see Dr. Clutton for a new area of concern/injury or you haven’t been in in over 4 months, please book a Re-Assessment appointment.
*this appointment is ideal for MULTIPLE LINKED COMPLAINTS and a treatment that will include home exercise plan and medical acupuncture as required*

A Re-Assessment Appointment is a 45 minute appointment required for pre-existing patients who have not been in to see Dr. Clutton in over 4 months OR have new areas of complaint that require a new assessment.
*please note: full deposit is due at the time of casting/ordering orthotics and we cannot direct bill insurance for orthotics.  

Orthotics are also a service that Dr. Clutton offers.  In conjunction with a subsequent treatment, only after an Initial Assessment has been completed, Dr. Clutton can assess for and cast your feet and order orthotics specifically tailored for your needs.

If you are new to chiropractic and more specifically, to Dr. Clutton’s practice and would like to understand more about how he treats and the methods he uses, please read more here and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions/concerns.