Getting to know you – Adriana Komorniczak, M.C.P., RP

Jun 5, 2023

1) What do you love most about your profession? What I absolutely love most about my profession is being able to provide my clients with a safe and loving space, completely free of judgement and expectation, where they can verbalize, feel and explore deep parts of themselves and their needs, sometimes for the very first time. It is an honour to experience this with them.
2) Why did you become a Therapist? From as early as my teen years I’ve experienced a natural pull towards forming deep connections with the people around me and being very much in tune with emotions. As I became an adult, I was amazed with the world of psychology so this, paired with my very empathetic and compassionate nature, drove me into pursuing a career in psychotherapy.
3) Do you have any additional, specialized training or area of focus as a Therapist that people might want to know about?   focus my work on developmental traumas (which happen early in life) and I view all symptoms and difficulties through an attachment-based lens. I would therefore say I specialize in anxiety and depression, where these types of traumas very commonly underlie.
4) If you weren’t a Therapist what would you be? I weren’t a psychotherapist, I believe that I would still be practicing in the health field, quite possibly in the world of Yoga or any other form of alternative medicine. I also have a very strong love for spas and skincare, so I could see myself working in this field as well.
5) Tell us one thing you are passionate about outside of your work 🙂 I am highly passionate about being out in nature, not only in the summertime but in the winter time too, and around water in particular. I am a Pisces and my greatest coping mechanism when dealing with any stress and anxiety is to get into any form of water I am both an avid swimmer and skier.
6) Bonus question: Favourite food? My absolute favourite food is PUPUSAS, an El Salvadorian specialty. With extra salsa and curtido on top!