Getting to know you – Barbara Lukac, M.OMSc: Osteopathic Practitioner

May 26, 2023

1.What do you love about your profession?  

Having the ability to help people, to alleviate their discomfort, to talk to them, share some laughs and help them navigate and improve their health.

2. Why did you become an Osteopathic Practitioner? 

To find a fulfilling career.

3. What specific tools/training do you use in your practice that people might want to know more about?  

I treat more than musculoskeletal issues.  I can help with digestive upset, acid reflux, numbness and tingling, bowel issues and more all with manual manipulation.

4. If you weren’t an Osteopathic Practitioner, what would you be? 

I would be a batista or a mall bistro owner.  I love the seeing people happy when they eat good food that I prepared.  To often we walk around not paying attention to others or our surroundings.  So when people come in, even for a take out coffee, its an opportunity to change someone’s day by saying hello, asking how they are or offering a friendly smile.

5. Tell us one thing you are passionate about outside of your work 🙂

I love baking. It’s my form of meditation.

Bonus question: Favourite food?

Too many to just have one.  Why limit yourself!