Getting to know you – Kelly DaSilva, RMT

Mar 23, 2023

Kelly DaSilva, Registered Massage Therapist

1. What do you love about your profession? 

I really like the one-on-one time that we get with our clients. In what other part of your health care system do you actually get to spend an hour with your practitioner and have time to talk to them? I also love working with my hands and getting to move the entire day.

2. Why did you become an RMT? 

Funny enough I chose to become an RMT on a whim.  I just finished my maternity leave and I knew I wanted to do something more than an entry level job. I knew Tammy (the owner of Thrive) and it looked like she had her life together (balancing work, family, happiness), so I asked her about becoming an RMT and what school she suggested. So, I researched, signed up and started school within a week! I am so grateful that it worked out!

3. Do you have any additional training as an RMT that people might want to know? 

I don’t have a ton of different modalities, but I do like cupping.

4. If you weren’t an RMT, what would you be? 

Good question! My first instinct is to say Retired! lol. I had thought that an ultrasound technician might be fun. It is a part of healthcare, one on one with the patient and the workplace setting is very similar to my massage room.

I would also like to be an extravert – but I can’t say that that comes with a good salary;)  But wouldn’t it feel nice to be in a group of people and not feel alone?

5. Tell us one thing you are passionate about outside of your work 🙂

I find that passion is such a strong word. I don’t find that I am overly passionate about most things. I do have likes though. I like painting silly little rocks while watching a good show (typically a period drama) and a hot mug of tea. I like people’s handwriting – seeing all of the bends, shapes, pressures, and flourishes.  I am a proud mom. I love my kids and love seeing them discover and learn. I really like Spring with all of its new life and colours sprouting up from the ground and a warm breeze in the air.

Ah wait! I thought of one – Highland Coos (cows)!! oh my goodness have you seen a Highland Cow? If we are looking for a passion, let’s start there haha! They are just the cutest.

Bonus question: Favourite food?

My Grandmother’s homemade bread – even better if there is her applesauce or raspberry jam to go with it!