Getting to know you – Tammy Sherwood!

Jul 31, 2023

What do you love about your profession?
I love the human connection. The ability to allow someone to feel seen and heard and help them feel better or learn more about their own body and how to help themselves maintain wellness. 

Why did you become an RMT?
I loved working with people and I wanted something that helped force me to explore and maintain my own wellness (what a journey).  Bonus is working with an incredibly knowledgeable group of practitioners who allow me to continue learning and developing every day so that I can continue helping my clients be their best selves too. 

Do you have any additional training as an RMT that people might want to know about?
I’m certified in pregnancy massage and am actually a certified labour doula (not practicing). I have additional certification in athletic taping, cupping, acupressure, fascial release, and reiki (not practicing). 

If you weren’t an RMT, what would you be?
I would love to work with plants…. Learn how not to kill them! I think working at the RBG would be so awesome. 

Why did you start Thrive?
I had a long term goal of being able to continue to practice for many years knowing I would have to slowly decrease my hands on time with clients, this seemed like a natural progression. My hope of bringing together a likeminded team of professionals to provide a warm and welcoming wellness hub for our community has grown as the right people came together and now we are a well rounded complement of wellness offerings! SO fortunate that others see my vision and believe in it and want to be a part of it! I think it sets us apart and makes for a pretty amazing whole wellness destination!

How would people describe you?
Determined….. Small business ownership is not for the faint of heart but surrounded by a supportive team and family, it can be so worth it. Kind…. I hope most people would say that I am kind, caring, thoughtful 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Running behind…. Notoriously always running from one thing to another usually forgetting to eat 😆

Bonus question: Favourite Thrive team member?
Easy peasy…. The crew member who is super supportive, a team player, driven and just well rounded!  It has to be: All of them of course 😉 These practitioners are the best around, incredible at what they do, amazing team members and super supportive and our Admin team are pure rock stars who we couldn’t survive without 🙌🏻 

Grateful. 💚💜