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Holistic Nutrition

It's truly amazing how the human body responds to the foods we eat from day to day. We truly are what we eat! Poor food choices overtime will eventually lead to illness. The good news is, with the right choices we can not only prevent imbalance in the body, but we can create our healthiest self. All too often we believe our picture of health is the absence of disease and illness. Looking deeper into the picture though, do you have energy? Do you have a balanced mood? What about that daily headache you never think much of or the allergies that are constantly building up? We must have a sense of vitality! Stamina! Bounce! Drive! Whatever you want to call it! Get-up-and-GO!

So how can you make sure you are giving your body what is needs? What is the foundation of healthy nutrition? How can you prevent unwanted imbalance and take back your livelihood?

A HUGE part of the answer is: HOLISTIC NUTRITION

Holistic nutrition is about getting back to the basics. Eating as our ancestors did in the past. No chemicals, NO processing, NO sugar! Only foods which serve us well! Holistic nutrition focuses on eating whole, fresh foods to provide optimal nutrition for the body.

Discovering areas of imbalance is the first step to THRIVE! Discuss your concerns, goals, history, emotions and daily habits with our Holistic Nutritionist who will set out a detailed report of supplement, diet and lifestyle recommendations made specifically for you.

A Holistic Nutritionist takes into account the individual needs of each person, recognizing there is no one-size fits all approach to healthy eating. We will not simply tell you what to do (unless that's what you want) we will educate you and empower you to take control naturally!

Virtually all illness relates back to inadequate nutrition. So it makes sense that nutrition can also improve the status of many imbalances. If you want to experience an overall improvement in your health our Holistic Nutritionist will help you on your journey.

You can choose from a variety of options to meet your Nutrition needs, but you need to first start with an Initial Consultation (complimentary) just to connect with your Nutritionist and make sure that your needs can be met through Holistic Nutrition. Follow that with an Full In Clinic Consultation/Personal Overview Analysis and continue on with Follow up Nutrition appointments as necessary/recommended. Meal planning is also available and includes an entire week of healthy meals, shopping lists and recipes tailor made to you and to fit your budget, or choose from one of the package options with Brittany Lynn.

Package Options with Brittany Lynn, CNP:

Jump In

• A 30 day plan to take your transformation to the next level. Includes:

• Nutrient deficiency analysis

• Hormonal/glandular analysis

• Grocery shopping visit

• 30 days of tailored meal plans

• A weekly session (in person or Skype) to monitor progress, provide support and encouragement, advice, answer questions or tweak protocols

Total Transformation

This package is for those who are looking for an "in depth" inside-out transformation.

It includes all of the features of the Jump In package and offers Brittany Lynn as your personal coach for 90 days. This program is dedicated to give you everything you need on your journey to transformation.

• Grocery shopping visit

• Meal prep session

• Tailored meal plans

• A weekly session (in person or Skype) to monitor progress, provide support and encouragement, advice, answer questions or tweak protocols

• FULL TIME coaching, only a text or call away when you need me

Holistic Nutrition Practitioners:

Brittany Lynn McCann, CNP, PTS