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Meet Jared: Registered Massage Therapist

We are pleased to welcome Jared Little, RMT to our team of practitioners!

Jared’s warm, engaging personality and enthusiasm for all things wellness will be a perfect fit for our team and community of clients!

Jared has been an educator, coach and personal trainer in the fitness industry for over a decade, working with a wide variety of clientele. Now, he’s transferring his knowledge of how the human body functions and his effective interpersonal skills with clients into the clinical world as a Registered Massage Therapist.

As an individual that values the effort required to care for the body, maintaining a standard of physical and mental health is of high priority for himself and Jared transfers this passion into his RMT practice, assisting his clients to maintain and strive for a high level of performance and functionality in all areas of their day to day life.

With a therapy style leaning towards deep tissue treatment, Jared aims to focus on improving overall functionality, mobility and flexibility using stretching and remedial exercises exercises when needed and will be incorporating Fascial Stretch Techniques to his practice very soon.

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