Let’s Talk About Sex and TCM!

Jul 19, 2022

💋 Low libido, loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, painful sex …. these are uncomfortable topics to discuss …. they are far more uncomfortable to live with. 

☯️  You can discuss them with me! As an acupuncturist I am trained to evaluate your situation, recognize the root cause of your symptoms and help you regain balance, to restore better function. 

☯️  I’ll explain what Qi, Yin/Yang and Jing are and how they play the starring roles in your sex drive. We’ll then help you to regain better balance through acupuncture, diet, hydration, sleep and mindfulness practices. 

💋 You can bring …. Sexy Back 😉 

☯️ I offer acupuncture appointments every Monday and Wednesday at Thrive Massage Therapy and Wellness.

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Naheed Atcha, R, AC.