Mask Mandate Update

Jun 10, 2022

As many of you know, the province is lifting the mask mandate for all settings except for long term care facilities and retirement homes. Health care facilities are no longer mandated to continue having people mask when inside.

As an Independent Health Care Facility, we now have the opportunity to create our own policies around masking within our space. Here at Thrive, we have decided to follow the updated provincial guidelines allowing us to remove masks, while allowing for those who would like to continue to mask, to do so without question.

Please note that some practitioners will continue to mask and some administrative staff will continue to mask and we understand and appreciate that some clients will also continue to mask.

As a client:

  • if you would like to mask and require a 3 layer medical mask for your treatment, we will continue to provide that for you
  • if you would prefer your practitioner wear a mask, for the duration of your visit with us, we will happily comply and meet your needs by wearing a 3 layer medical mask (feel free to connect directly with your practitioner or message our administrative staff in advance if you wish)
  • if you feel more comfortable with our administrative team wearing a mask while you speak with them, please let them know and they will happily put one on
  • please continue to screen yourself and rebook your appointment if you are symptomatic/unwell
  • please consider the use of a mask if you have had contact with someone symptomatic/unwell regardless of your screening result

Our team:

  • will continue to put the comfort/needs of each client first
  • will wear a mask (if not already doing so) upon the request of a client for their treatment
  • will continue to clean/sanitize between each client all areas of contact and high touch areas in the treatment space
  • will continue to clean/sanitize our common spaces-high touch areas regularly throughout the day
  • will continue to screen ourselves prior to each work shift and will mask if we have had close contact with someone who is symptomatic/unwell

We will continue to monitor for updates with the Ministry of Health, our local Public Health and our own regulating colleges, and make changes as necessary to keep our space safe and our team and clients healthy.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to connect with us at any time via phone 289.245.1111 or email

Thank you