Mental Health “Self Help” Tools

Feb 20, 2024

Things you can do in conjunction with therapy to improve your mental health:

  • Journal. Writing down how you feel can help you make sense of what’s going on. It’s a little like giving therapy to yourself! Write when you feel bad and when you feel good. The next time you feel hopeless, you can look back on your journal and remember the good times or even look for patterns, noting your sleep or stressors that might have an obvious effect on your mental wellness
  • Track your moods. If keeping a journal seems like too much, start small. Once a day, just write down how you feel. It’ll get you in the habit of paying attention to your feelings, and you might start to see some patterns. Even try writing 1-3 things you are grateful for… even a cup of hot coffee is a great start. 
  • Get up and get moving. Movement is a great natural way to boost your mood. You can run, hike, join a yoga class, or just go for a walk—just make sure you are doing something you’ll enjoy so you’re more likely to do it again, but don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works for you. If you can take your movement outside… even better!  
  • Eat something. Your mood and your appetite are connected. The gut/brain connection is no joke! If you haven’t been eating, getting something in your stomach can really help. Try nourishing your body with things that sustain you and offer nutrients and brain boosting additions like nuts, berries etc.  
  • Take a break. Take a nap, watch your favorite TV show, read a book, do a puzzle or paint.  Rest can look like something different for everyone and is an important part of self care. 
  • Talk to someone. Try to stay connected. A friend, a family member…someone you trust and feel comfortable speaking to when you aren’t connected to your therapist. Incorporate this into your movement or rest… find someone who enjoys the same things and use that as an opportunity to connect in a gentle and enjoyable way.