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Movement is powerful in the way it connects and empowers the whole self physically, mentally, emotionally and even socially.

Moving is intuitive and is powerful in transforming each day. In addition to all the benefits research lists for us, when we move in a way we love we want it to be a regular part of lives. We want to be supported as we strengthen and heal and that's why it's so powerful to integrate a movement studio with the whole wellness professionals and their services at Thrive.

There are many ways to support and strengthen the body and the one that's right for you is so personal. This is why at MOVE you are offered a complimentary first class to see how your body responds and to learn more about Sue's training and teaching methods. It's also a great time to discuss your current situation and how you are looking for movement to be added into your life.

Whether it's in the signature Small Group training classes, Flow/Connect/Props Yoga classes or Private/Semi-Private/Teen Athletic sessions, you are trained and supported as an individual at your own pace. Strength, stability, breath, balance and flexibility are a part of every experience with MOVE in the Thrive Studio with the supportive atmosphere and even the training tools focused on fun and feeling alive and connected in your body.

Whether you are looking to add one class a week to your existing movement practice or use MOVE as your fitness home, you have choices.

Class schedules are determined three times a year with clients reserving their timeslot(s) at the beginning of a session. We also offer pro-rated options if you are starting part way through a session. A robust weekly schedule of classes allows you then to shift within a session when you happen to miss your regular class.

To learn move about MOVE, Sue and for the Studio schedule, go to and follow her instagram: moveabell

Sue Abell – Owner, MOVE