Psychotherapy for Connection: Anne Vickers, Registered Psychotherapist

Jul 5, 2022

As someone new to the Thrive family, I thought what better way to connect with clients and the community than by reaching out to talk about why Psychotherapy is a useful practice to add to your current wellness regime. 

There are many reasons people might see a Psychotherapist but my personal view (and the simplest and one of the most important reasons), is for connection. You may have heard of the phrase, “it takes a village”… well, our villages have been getting progressively smaller over time and people are feeling isolated and unsupported (add a pandemic in there too).

You see, Psychotherapy is not always about mental illness or diagnosable symptoms.  At one time, a mother who had miscarried may have reached out to extended family members that she shared a home with or to a beloved family friend, cousin, minister, rabbi, or elder.  But with more independent lives, and a culture that does not normalise extended families living together, our support systems are reduced and it takes more initiative and more courage to reach out for needed support at a time when we are often feeling fragile and alone. So it follows that if your village is in short supply, a Psychotherapist can help to fill that gap when connection is lacking or difficult. It is a connection that is free of judgement and totally built around supporting you.  

Some other reasons to see a Psychotherapist are: 

  • you experience chronic and recurring stress
  • you feel overwhelmed often
  • you are looking to find more meaning in your life 
  • people are concerned about you
  • you crave a challenge 
  • you’re experiencing negative thinking 
  • low motivation
  • work burn out 
  • relationship difficulties 
  • wanting to improve self confidence and self esteem
  • find flexibility to learn new skills and adapt to change 

and the list goes on….

Therapy offers a unique relationship and context where we can get a better understanding of ourselves, our part in our relationship dynamics, and what changes may help. Real, positive health is much more than just reduction of stress and negative symptoms. Choosing to enhance health in areas that are important to you can bring meaningful growth into your life and that can affect all aspects of your overall wellness so that you can Thrive!. 

Thank you for welcoming me into the Thrive family!  I look forward to connecting with this community and helping many connect through Psychotherapy and improve their overall wellness. 

Currently taking new clients in Burlington, Thursdays and Fridays.  Daytime and evening appointments available.  

Anne Vickers, BA, RP

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Call or email the clinic to book: 289.245.1111,