‘Return to Practice’ Protocols.

Jun 3, 2020

With our return to practice around the corner, we wanted you to know about some of the new policies and procedures that we have implemented in our space and for our clients!

Call or email to book! No online booking enabled at this time. For appointments or to be added to our waitlists for treatment, please call or email the clinic or your practitioner. Priority booking will be given to urgent/acute patients/clients and to those with previously cancelled appointments.

Check your insurance!
It is the responsibility of the patient/client to ensure that their benefits/insurance provider is indeed covering all services again, this includes DIRECT BILLING.  We will continue to direct bill where possible, but please note that clients are responsible for payment at the time of their appointment if direct billing is not available.

COVID-19 pre-screening!
COVID-19 pre-screening will be sent with your appointment reminder or confirmation.  Completing the pre-screening will confirm your appointment.  If you fail to complete your pre-screening and confirm your appointment, your practitioner or a member of our office team will connect with you to complete the pre-screening by phone.  Your practitioner will review these pre-screening questions again just prior to treatment to confirm you screen negative.  Upon your initial appointment back at Thrive after our reopening, you will be asked to review and sign a COVID-19 waiver/release of liability that will be added to your file.  Please note that all practitioners and office staff are also pre-screened daily upon arrival.

Come on time and on your own! We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment and if your practitioner or our office team has your appropriate contact info, we will call or text to inform you of when to enter the clinic space.  Alternatively, please line up OUTSIDE of the clinic door (social distancing in effect please!) until your practitioner comes to let you in for your appointment.  If you have any questions upon arrival, call our office team and we assist you.  Please, whenever possible, come alone to your appointment.  Should a caregiver or parent be required, we would ask that only one person accompany you into the clinic space.  Reception seating is socially distanced but limited and prefer no one waits in the space whenever possible.  All visitors must be recorded in the visitor log for contact tracing purposes.

Wear a mask! All patients/clients will be required to wear a clean mask for entry and the duration of their appointment until they have exited the space.  Cloth or medical masks are acceptable.  If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided for you for $1.  If you have underlying issues limiting your ability to wear a mask, please discuss PRIOR to your appointment with your practitioner so that we can assess and provide you with direction regarding your appointment.

Practitioners and staff will be wearing PPE! All of our practitioners and staff will be wearing either medical grade (practitioners) or cloth masks (office staff) and potentially some other PPE such as face shields, goggles, gloves and over clothes/scrubs as per our governing bodies regulations/policies.

Hand washing/sanitizing protocol! All patients/clients will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival.  In lieu of hand washing, there is a sanitizing station set up at the front entryway and we would ask that you wash or sanitize again upon departure.

New Policies and Procedures! We are strictly adhering to the newest policies and procedures laid out by the MOH, Public Health Ontario and our Health Care Practitioner’s governing bodies.  Rest assured we have your and our, safety and well-being at the forefront of everything we are doing and implementing. From the addition of sneeze guards and sanitizing stations, to strict Infection Prevention and Control protocols in the clinic space and individual treatment rooms. We’ve introduced new, increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols for PPE equipment and practitioner tools as well as for laundering linens along with increased spacing between patients/clients to ensure all procedures are completed to satisfaction creating a safe space for all.

We promise to meet the highest standards so that you can continue to receive the best in Whole Wellness, at Thrive.