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The Studio @ Thrive

The Studio @ Thrive is a bright, open space dedicated to movement and learning. This welcoming space is home to MOVE , a fitness and wellness community operated by Sue Abell, an experienced and well-respected leader in the field of fitness and whole wellness.

In addition, The Studio @ Thrive is a space for all Thrive practitioners to demonstrate self-care and home care programming for their clients; using the equipment and tools to model and review appropriate movement programs for each person’s needs.

About MOVE

MOVE offers signature Small Group training classes, Flow/Connect/Props Yoga classes and Private/Semi-Private/Teen Athletic sessions. You are trained and supported as an individual at your own pace. Strength, stability, breath, balance and flexibility are a part of every experience with MOVE in The Studio @ Thrive. The supportive atmosphere and even the training tools are focused on making movement fun and on feeling alive and connected in your body.

Community Hub

Our Studio welcomes the community to participate and learn from the health and wellness workshops and seminars lead by our team throughout the year. Check under the Thrive Events section to stay up to date on what’s happening in The Studio @ Thrive.