TuiNa: Massage & Acupuncture Therapy – a hybrid treatment

Oct 22, 2023

Now Available✨
Booking Wednesdays at Thrive

The new 75min Tui-Na Massage + Acupuncture therapy is a hybrid session beginning with manual body work to start your healing and continuing on with acupuncture to augment and enhance the treatment at a deep level.

✨A hybrid session giving the client the option to remain fully clothed, beginning with manual therapy to relax muscles, increase circulation, & improve joint motion, culminating in a deeply therapeutic acupuncture treatment to reset the nervous system . TuiNa and acupuncture can be used to treat pain, sleep disturbances, stress and for general health and well-being.
Please come wearing (or bring with you) loose fitting comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement while on the table and also gives access to acupuncture points on the arms, and legs.
Each treatment will begin with an evaluation of your health goals for that day, you can expect something a little different each time depending on your needs and presentation of symptoms.
DM @naheedatcha.acu for more details or contact @thrivewellnessburlington to book.

✨This treatment can be claimed under your RMT benefits✨