Are you living your 100%?

Apr 25, 2018

What if I told you there was a WAY to live in your 100%.
What would it feel like to live your 100%?
The sad reality is a lot of people have no idea what their 100% looks like. What I’m referring to is being at 100% in your world of wellbeing. Hormonally balanced, sleeping like a baby, craving only nutritious foods, and really loving who you are. Feeling great about the way the look and beholding the self esteem you deserve to have! Research shows us that so much of success, and emotional stability relies on self esteem, and how people view themselves.
So I ask again, what would it be like to live in this 100% state of whole body balance?
In my practice as a holistic nutritionist, I constantly hear the same things …
” I know I’m gaining weight because I’m getting old”
“Well I’ve had a baby , so I know this bulge will never go away.”
“Oh these migraines, yep, these are just my everyday occurrence.”
Here’s the truth, there is something we can do to reverse all these issues, and that is reseting our metabolism!
Our hormones are like a messenger network in our bodies. Our hormones make us feel like we can take on the world, or feel like our lives are falling apart.
When we understand how to support this messenger network of hormones in our system , we can unlock the unbound energy and fat burning capabilities of our metabolism. Brittany Lynn CNP
When we understand the body works together as a symphony, we can start to heal from the inside out, and like a domino effect, watch our system fall into balance, 100%
One of the most important focuses in my practice of holistic medicine, is gut health. The state of someones gut can alter their mood, metabolism and ability to focus. Gut health is vital to living in your 100% and there are direct ways to heal and nourish the gut.
1. Probiotics. These babies are a must , when it comes to healing the GUT and finding our 100%.
2. L-Glutamine. This works like “filling solution” to the intestinal walls, helping to heal and rebuild tears, holes and lose junctions.
3. Bone Broth. Anyone who has worked with me knows my obsession with Bone Broth. This magical and ancient recipe holds many healing vitamins, minerals, collagen, gelatin etc for healing our insides.
4. DIGESTZEN a doTerra essential oil blend. These oils are the immune system of plants. They have incredible healing powers to sooth the mucosal membrane. Oils like peppermint, liquorice and ginger.
The GUT is just one aspect when it comes to healing and finding your 100%. There are other glands to focus on as well, to heal from the inside out and start living your life at 100%!!!
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The body is a brilliant gift, that is here to live at its 100%!
B xo