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A Doctor of Chiropractic is a manual therapy doctor who specializes in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries using conservative care.

This means a Chiropractor will assess your muscle/joint/nervous system injury, convey a diagnosis and then provide you with a variety of non-invasive and drug-free treatments techniques to restore your body’s optimal function.

These treatments may include myofascial (muscle) release techniques, joint mobilizations, joint manipulations, corrective exercises and other modalities like heat, ice, inferential current, and laser, to name a few.

Treatment techniques used will vary depending on the injury and the patient’s comfort.

The goal of a great Chiropractor is to optimize their patients’ whole health. They will not only help their patient with what is injured and educate them on the treatment required and the recovery process but also to help to correct the movement issue that may have caused the injury initially in order to avoid further injury from occurring.

A chiropractic appointment can include any of the following Chiropractic & Movement Therapies:

Active Release Therapy®
Functional Range Conditioning®
Functional Range Release®
Neurofunctional Acupuncture
Rehabilitation Movement/Exercise
Performance Movement/Exercise
Seminars & Workshops

Treating Neck pain, Back pain, Headaches, Sports Injuries and much more.

Dr. Clutton also offers  custom Orthotics casting/ordering.  An Initial Assessment is required for those who are not already patients of Dr. Clutton.  

Dr. Clive Clutton, DC