Chiropractic FAQ’s

Feb 8, 2023

What is Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic Care is provided by a Doctor of Chiropractic. It is conservative care which means using non-invasive (except acupuncture) and drug free methods to assess and treat issues arising from the muscle, joint and nervous systems.

What sorts of issues can chiropractic address? 

Chiropractic Doctors are neuro-muscular-skeletal specialists which means they are trained in assessing and treating issues that have to do with the nervous system, the muscular system and the joints and how they interact with each other.
People see chiropractors for many issues like neck or low back pain as well as pain in the extremities like the shoulders to the wrists, or hips to the feet. Many professional and recreational athletes also see chiropractors to improve performance in their body function.

Is it just adjustments for my spine?

Chiropractic care that is scientific evidence based and ‘diversified’ employs a wide variety of techniques and modalities to address different tissues in the body. Spinal manipulation or adjustments are just one tool in a large toolbox of care.

What other modalities might my chiropractor use? 

Many chiropractors use a variety of what are called modalities. Some of these modalities are things like acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization. The modalities chosen depends on the assessment of what tissues need to be addressed and patient preference.

Is this a “one and done” treatment? 

The human body is a complex adaptive system unlike a machine or car, therefore a single session may not elicit enough adaptation. That being said, some patients – depending on the issue and prior health can notice a remarkable change after a few sessions. A patient has to also maintain these changes with their home care as the body is continuously adapting and may change back if a stimulus is removed.

What different appointments are offered? 

A New Patient should schedule an Initial Assessment for which they should allow an hour of time. In this appointment the Chiropractor will do a thorough history and physical examination of the issue(s).

If you are a current patient coming in for an injury that has been treated but not for over 4 months, or if you are a current patient coming in for a new injury, a Re-Assessment appointment is advised.

After your assessment, if you have to come back for treatment of multiple issues or you would like a really comprehensive treatment including many techniques as well as exercise and movement correction then a Comprehensive subsequent appointment is advised.

If you are a patient just in need of a quick checkup or a small flare up of and injury that is being managed, then a Basic subsequent appointment is advised.