Getting to know you – Kelly Sinnock!

Jul 4, 2023

  1. What do you love about Thrive? I love working as an administrator at Thrive!!
    Being upfront where all the action is, I get to meet all the amazing clients and keeping the office organized for the day and for the week.
    My days fly by because I genuinely love everyone I work with and what Thrive stands for.
  2. Which modalities do you use for self care? I see all the practitioners at Thrive ! Chiropractic Osteopathy and Massage Working with a group of healers definitely has its perks.
  3. When you are not keeping the clinic running smoothly, what do you love to do? When I’m not working or being treated at Thrive, I’m typically home with my family, running or hiking some trails or having coffee with friends.
  4. Bonus Question: Favourite food? Pizza, always Pizza!