Getting your BEST sleep.

Mar 6, 2018

Woman sleeping on the bed

Our #thrivetribe got together on this important topic. Some important information from Kelly & Tammy re: getting your best sleep.

Keep to a consistent sleep and wake up schedule. This way your body will quickly learn to start producing hormones to help you fall asleep (melatonin) and wake up (serotonin and cortisol) at the same time each night and morning. This should make for less tossing and turning, and less groggy mornings.

Make your sleep space dark. Serotonin and Cortisol (wake up hormones) are told to start being produced by the presence of light. Allow yourself to fall into a deeper sleep by getting rid of light up clocks, tv’s , cell phones, battery charge lights, and night lights.

Get moving! We spend a lot of time sitting during the day and taking in food energy. Lets get ourselves moving and burn off some of that energy. Get outside if you can – it is amazing how much a little sunlight and fresh air can aid in our quest for the perfect night’s sleep .

Kelly 🙂

I find the hardest thing is to shut my brain off!  I read before bed every night to calm my brain.  I try to limit tech in the bedroom as well.  Shutting down my phone and opting for reading a good old fashioned book helps to calm my brain and get me ready for sleep. I have also found that writing a list of the things on my mind (my “to do” list) helps get it down onto paper and allows me to rest knowing I won’t forget about it in the morning!

I keep my room as dark as possible and I use white noise to try to eliminate waking through the night from noises outside.  I sometimes still wake early but find if I just roll with it, get up and make use of the early morning, undistracted time … I won’t be frustrated just trying to get back to sleep.

This article has lots of the same suggestions that I find are useful tools for a good nights sleep 🙂