What is Holistic Wellness?

Jun 21, 2016

Why do we use the term “Holistic Health” or “Holistic Wellness”?  What is the idea behind Holistic treatment?

Holistic Health or Wellness is the idea that optimum health must take a holistic approach, looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of an individual, and that what affects one part of the body affects all the other areas of wellness.  The wellness of an individual must be a balance of all the areas and we must be conscious of how our thoughts and actions affect all areas of our life.

Your health is directly related to your actions, environment, lifestyle… you have complete control over these things and by changing one aspect of your life, you will change your wellness, for better or worse.

Looking at health and wellness in a holistic way, means that you have to take control of your health and advocate for yourself.  Seek out alternative treatments that aim to find the root cause of an issue rather than treat and mask symptoms.  Look at all areas of health to treat the mind, body and spirit as a whole and choose to nurture your body’s innate ability and desire to nourish and heal itself.

Take care of your mental and emotional well being, as it’s as much a contributing factor to wellness as a physical work out!  Fuel your body with holistic nutrition and the things that are right for your specific, individual needs! Seek out natural medicine to heal from the inside out!  Manage physical discomforts and injuries with manual therapies designed to address your specific needs and goals!  Holistic, well rounded, natural wellness is the key to good health!