Let’s talk about Facial Acupuncture and TCM!

Aug 30, 2022

Acupuncture can be performed on the face as with anywhere else on the body. We use smaller, finer needles to insure minimal pain and bruising because the skin on the face is so much more delicate. Facial acupuncture can be used to improve your health in so many ways. As you know, skincare is healthcare. 

The amazing thing about the face is that it too is a microsystem (as with the ear which we discussed in a previous post). Areas of congestion, acne, discolouration, hyperpigmentation and lines can actually be used as a diagnostic tool to understand underlying internal imbalances. The face map demonstrates how various systems of the body are laid out on the face. 

Some benefits of facial acupuncture are: 

✨ Reduced jaw tension and pain

✨ Improved facial muscle tone

✨ Reduced acne

✨ Brightened complexion

✨ Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

✨ Reduced puffiness and facial swelling

✨ Reduced skin sagging

✨ Improved skin texture

It can be used to : 

✨ Treat conditions such as Bell’s Palsy

✨ Treat sinus problems / nasal congestion with colds, flus and post C-word symptoms 

✨ Alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies

✨ Improve recovery after dental surgery

✨ Help dry eyes, and decrease eye strain 

☯️ A facial acupuncture treatment includes not only points on the face but also on the body to address the branch (signs and symptoms) and the root (underlying causes) of your health concerns. 

☯️ This is a therapeutic experience from which you walk out looking refreshed, bright eyed and glowing. 

☯️ Now at Thrive, our acupuncturist Naheed will be offering longer, deeply relaxing 60min acupuncture sessions that can include multiple modalities such as body acupuncture, facial acupuncture, cupping or GuaSha. 

☯️ Please note for all new patients an Initial Acupuncture session of 75min is required during which a full health intake, TCM inquiries, Tongue and Pulse diagnosis is performed. This is followed by a treatment and concluded with a discussion of care recommendations. It is during this appointment you can discuss what your wellness goals are and how they can be achieved. 

☯️ Your acupuncture appointments can be booked online or by calling Thrive at 289 245 1111

☯️ Naheed is now offering acupuncture every Monday and Wednesday.