Self Care Tips to get through the winter.

Feb 16, 2018

Set for massage or body care

Invest in good quality winter items.

I love a good winter coat, but what I love even more are scarves, gloves, hats, fuzzy socks, and boots! Your arms and feet deserve that top quality protection the most! So save yourself from potential frostbite and that added bonus of staying comfortably warm will have you sailing through winter! Joelle’s on Brant has great options for moving between seasons with outwear and clothing options to keep you active and enjoying the outdoors!

Moisturize for healthy skin and a quick self-massage.

It’s the little things the count! Dry skin can be uncomfortable. Take the time to moisturize your skin after a hot shower. The dry brushing/coconut oil combination is my perfect go to natural beauty product. A little goes a long way and I smell like a Pina Colada! #summervibes☀️.

On top of sneaking in a quick self-massage to help improve circulation, it also reminds you to do a quick body scan and make sure there are no skin abnormalities that could be an indication of something more serious.

Take time off to decompress.

The winter blues can hit you at any time, so take a break for yourself once a month during the winter season. Whatever you can spare, whether an hour for a massage or a whole day, do something that is solely for yourself and contributes to your health! Whether it’s cooking your go-to comfort food, taking a yoga class, or going for a walk in the park, make it mindful, make it productive, and make it you!

Vanessa Sale, RMT