Teacher Mental Health and why it should matter to all of us.

Oct 18, 2019

Although directly related to teacher mental health, this post could be about anyone who deals with daily stress, anxiety, depression or overwhelm. Through open and honest dialogue about mental health, we hope to eliminate the stigma associated with seeking help and increase awareness of the services that may be available to those in our community.

We love teachers. They are on the front lines, educating, inspiring and creating leaders. Teacher mental health should matter to all of us and there should be open, honest dialogue and clears ways for them to access the mental wellness tools they need and deserve.

Teacher mental health issues are important because they not only have an impact on the teachers themselves and their direct family members, but also directly affect their classrooms, student mental health and the quality of care/administrative tasks that go into everyday classroom planning and management.

Teachers must be surrounded by a supportive “well being” community and culture, both in the schools and in our community.

There is still a lot of judgement and stigma associated with mental health discussion that limits a persons ability to openly talk about their issues/concerns. Open door policies and clear access to the services available to teachers both within their school community and externally through things like EAP’s (employee assistance plans), as well as knowing what mental health professionals are accessible to them in their community, are vital tools in encouraging openness and discussion for mental wellness.

Mindfulness and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), can be extremely useful tools to help with anxiety and depression and to improve overall mental health. A Registered Psychotherapist can help with these tools and more. Building self worth, boundary setting and resiliency are all things that an RP can help with.

Recently, more insurance providers have recognized the need for mental health practitioner accessibility that is not necessarily limited to Psychology or Psychiatry. Many extended benefit plans, including those for our Halton teachers, have added Registered Psychotherapy as a covered form of therapy allowing for more access to the many talented professionals in our community that weren’t previously covered under these plans. This is a wonderful addition as there is much more accessibility to Registered Psychotherapists without the extensive wait for care that sometimes comes with Psychological counselling or Psychiatry.

We are so grateful to be able to offer accessible mental health services in house at Thrive. Registered Psychotherapist, Adriana Komorniczak provides her services within our warm and welcoming whole wellness space and virtually through COVID. Adriana is currently accepting new clients for Monday, Wednesday and Friday with daytime and evening appointment availability.

Please have the open and honest dialogue with those around you about how they are REALLY doing. When we take an actual moment to connect, you may even see more that what the surface presents and forging those deeper, meaningful connections with those around us is in itself a form of mental wellness. There is no shame in speaking with a professional. Let’s all talk.

Teachers: Please read, really good information and resources on Teacher wellbeing below.




For Teachers to support students: https://smh-assist.ca/

For inquiries or to book an appointment please email connect@thrivemassagewellness.com or email either of our current RP’s directly.