Trigger Points

Feb 8, 2021

Do you ever wonder about the posters in our treatment rooms at Thrive Massage Therapy and Wellness Burlington? Have I ever told you that you have trigger points and you wondered what they are?!

✨ A trigger point by definition is a hyper- irritable spot, usually a taught band of muscle that is painful on compression and can present as referred pain and tenderness upon compression

✔️ Active or Acute Trigger Points cause pain, either at rest or in relation to muscular activity.

✔️ Latent Trigger Points show all diagnostic features of a trigger point except that it only causes pain when examined by palpation.

✔️ Primary Trigger Points are activated directly by acute or chronic muscle strain. (ie- prolonged contraction or overuse of the muscle).

✔️ Secondary Trigger Points are activated in the overworked antagonist muscles of the muscle containing trigger point.

✔️ Satellite Trigger Points are found in muscles within the referral pattern of another trigger point.

✨ Each Trigger Point can refer pain deep and local or in a referred pain pattern somewhere else in the body as indicated on the charts you see on the walls of our massage rooms. These help remind us of exactly which muscles could be causing certain referrals and help us to educate our clients as well.

Ask us about trigger points at your next massage and let us help you work through your pain.

Elissa Gauthier, RMT