What is Soft Tissue Release?

Oct 2, 2019

Soft Tissue Release or “STR” focuses on the facilitating of a stretch or the assisted lengthening of muscles and connective tissues. 

STR is a highly effective technique in that it involves a combination of myofascial release, therapeutic massage and active assisted stretching.  STR is done by applying pressure to the muscle or connective tissue during a stretch.  For more effective results, pressure is applied and moved along the tissue, releasing multiple parts. 

Soft Tissue Release focuses on the autonomic nervous system (ANS, which controls our involuntary body functions) helping to release unnecessary tension, releasing injured muscle/adhesions and regaining original/ideal muscle length.  STR is a very effective technique which can lead to a decrease in scar tissue and regaining muscle length in a fast and permanent way.

Who Benefits from STR?

Soft Tissue Release can be used for multiple reasons, whether it is in the acute or chronic stage. When done properly STR can help with scar tissue, pain reduction, shortened/tight muscles and allow for postural corrections.  

STR provides a highly effective result combining both the benefits from massage therapy and stretching into one technique! 

Kimberly Paton, RMT is certified in STR and is now accepting new clients! 

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