Getting to know you – Lindsey MacNeil, RMT

Apr 2, 2023

1. What do you love about your profession? 

I love that I get an opportunity to make someone feel better in their body.  I love creating space in a clients physical body and opening up their emotional body.  This profession gifts me an environment that is calm and healing for myself and my clients.

2. Why did you become an RMT? 

I became an RMT to work in health and wellness.  When I began back in 2001, Massage Therapy was very new on the scene of wellness.  I was excited to get into a newer field that would cater wellness to any age.  I have enjoyed evolving over the years in this profession, fine tuning what I do well, connecting mind to body.  I am thrilled that I have over 2 decades in this industry and I love it even more today!

3. Do you have any additional training as an RMT that people might want to know? 

After I obtained my Massage Therapy diploma I went on to study Guasha therapy, a traditional Chinese healing method using a smooth-edged tool to manipulate the soft tissues of the body.  This technique is used to treat chronic pain and tension. I have also studied essential oils and their benefits with moods.  I learned how to add oils to therapy by diffusion or application.

I have attended courses on scar tissue release which I use when I treat cesarean scars, mastectomy scars or any other scar on the body that is tight.

I have completed my first two levels of FST (fascial stretch therapy) which is a series of movements that incorporate breath techniques and traction while taking joints to their available pain free range. I have also studied mindfulness and consistently incorporate that into my practice.

4. If you weren’t an RMT, what would you be? 

If I wasn’t an RMT I would  have to still be in health and wellness to some capacity but I would have loved to have studied fashion.  I have always loved fashion, I feel it’s an outward expression of who you are.

5. Tell us one thing you are passionate about outside of your work 🙂

I am passionate about working out, practicing yoga and overall, living well.  I love to walk in the sun, get coffee, watch my kids play sports and smile.  Life is something I try very hard not to take for granted and I hope that I can leave a very positive impact on those I interact with.Bonus question: Favourite food?

My favourite food…..this is hard, I am a foodie!!!!!  I love sushi, pizza, seafood, coffee and MUFFINS!