Meet Tammy Sherwood, RMT and Owner of Thrive Massage Therapy & Wellness

Dec 23, 2019

Tammy has been practicing as an RMT for over 13 years and has certified in multiple modalities along the way. Pregnancy Massage, Athletic Taping, Cupping, Facial Cupping & Guasha and Acupressure techniques are incorporated most frequently in her practice.

Her genuine commitment to her clients whole body wellness and a desire to create a team of people who share the same philosophy is what motivated the creation of Thrive Massage Therapy & Wellness.

Tammy started Thrive with the hope of offering a “whole wellness” practice for the community. Looking to create a multi-disciplinary environment, with a warm, welcoming feel making it the destination for people to go for self care, including both physical and mental wellness.

Almost 4 years later, Thrive has grown to include 13 practitioners, offering massage therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic techniques and registered psychotherapy. We have added a Studio space where the community comes together in movement as the home of MOVEABELL, and where our practitioners can share their wealth of knowledge via workshops and information sessions. It has become an incredible community hub with a core focus on wellbeing in all its facets. With a keen focus on connecting to our surrounding like minded partners in wellness and all things benevolent, you will often find Tammy and then Thrive team working on local charitable initiatives within the community.

When Tammy isn’t practicing as an RMT or managing the behind the scenes business functioning of Thrive, she is playing mom to her 2 sons who are avid participants in all of Thrive’s wonders. She can usually be found driving to and from the school or the rink, tag team parenting with her equally entrepreneurial husband (who also moonlights as Thrive’s chalkboard artist).

Typically she can be found running a wee bit behind, but always for good reason or snacking on a green apple. Yoga, Pilates and the gym keep her moving and good talk therapy keeps her balanced. Every now and then she even gets a massage 😉