Getting to know you – Anne Vickers, BA, RP

Jun 5, 2023

1. What do you love about your profession? I am very lucky to work in the profession I do. What I love is the fact that every day is different and that my clients trust me with their stories and journey. I also love the strength that people are capable of despite the adversity and struggles that brings them to my office. Often my clients don’t see the strength but it is there, just waiting to be found. I also love using humour in sessions to really connect with people.  The human spirit is remarkable and i am so lucky to be able to be witness all aspects.

2. Why did you become a Therapist?

Becoming a therapist was a pretty natural fit for me. In my personal life I tended to take on the role of counsellor to friends and family, always willing to listen to their struggles and offer support where I could. I definitely have an open mind and have always been analytical. I root for those struggling to find where they fit in this world and wanted to be part of that process. I’m lucky that work doesn’t feel like “work”.

3. Do you have any additional, specialized training or area of focus as a Therapist that people might want to know about?

I have training in EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). This is a great modality for dealing with traumas, big and small as well as anxiety and phobias. I additionally specialize in treating addiction (chemical and behavioural) and have a post graduate diploma in this field. Having worked in a hospital setting for may years, I am very familiar with the mental health system and have extensive experience treating anxiety, depression and mood and personality disorders.
4. If you weren’t a Therapist, what would you be? If I was not a therapist I think I would work as animal rights activist or a photographer for national geographic. I have two dogs of my own who are spoiled beyond measure and I can’t ever imagine not having animals in my life. I still choke up when I watch the Toronto humane society campaigns with voice of Sarah McLaughlin in the background.
5. Tell us one thing you are passionate about outside of your work 🙂 I am passionate about my family which includes tow daughters, age 18 and 17 and a son age 14 and my husband. We love to travel together, play games – we’re a little competitive, and are big marvel and star wars geeks. And of course our dogs, Scout and Moon Pie both boston terriers with a surplus of energy, mischievous behaviour and cuddles as long as you have a blanket.
6. Bonus Question; Favourite Food! My grammas cabbage rolls and traditional Italian pasta dishes. Montreal Poutine is also up there!