Why Virtual Therapy is a Great Option

Feb 20, 2024

Why Virtual Therapy is a Great Option!

Often clients assume that they need the personal “feel” of having an in-person therapy session and while this is definitely a great way to connect with your therapist, don’t discount the ability for deep connection to happen virtually as well!  With a secure, private online session your therapist can allow for face to face communication that really is almost like being in the same room together.  Options like turning off your own video image on the screen can make it feel more intimate (less monitoring of your own expressions/seeing yourself) and just like you are just having a good conversation with your therapist.  It can even allow for more openness than people might feel willing to share when in person, as you may even be more comfortable in your own setting.

Here are some more great reasons why a Virtual Therapy Session can be a great option:

As mentioned, the privacy and anonymity of a virtual session is a major benefit of virtual therapy; clients have shared that the safety of their home, or any place of their choosing, is something that allows their therapy process to feel more intimate, comfortable and confidential.

The convenience of the time saved in not having to travel to and from your appointment, along with the ability to save on gas expenses, is another major benefit of virtual therapy.

Virtual therapy allows mental health access to be more accessible for individuals from remote areas, and for those who connect with a therapist that does not live in their city or possibly even their province.

The flexibility of booking a virtual session has majorly improved in the last few years with many options for secure, safe online connection, leading to a majority of mental health practitioners maintaining their virtual practices either fully or partially after the end of the pandemic.

All of our Registered Psychotherapists offer both in-person and virtual therapy options.

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