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Meet Erin Haber, M. ED, Registered Psychotherapist

Erin Haber, RP is a member in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) and the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP). Erin has been in practice for over 20 years, working as a therapist and clinical manager. She received both a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Masters of Education in Counselling and Adult Education from the University of Toronto.

In the context of a safe, supportive and caring relationship, Erin will guide you to explore new perspectives of yourself and your relationships. From a client centred, strengths-based perspective, Erin will support you to explore your strengths and abilities as a place from which you can begin to take steps towards positive change.

Working from an attachment and trauma-informed perspective, and integrating narrative therapy, strength-based and mindfulness approaches into her work with clients, Erin assists clients with difficulties such as: stress, anxiety, depression, loss, anger, interpersonal difficulties, self-esteem, and parenting related challenges. She is experienced in working with adults to heal from the effects of childhood and intergenerational trauma. Erin offers psycho-education about brain functioning to foster a greater understanding of the above difficulties, incorporating mindfulness practices to help clients increase their reflective capacity and achieve a greater sense of calm, integration and overall well-being.

The brain is ever changing; our neurons are constantly firing as we go about our lives and neural pathways that are frequently used, become “super highways” in the brain. As such, all experiences and interactions change the brain. Together we will focus on targeted conversations that propel you in the direction of your choice. Think of therapy as a “good workout” for the brain, and an opportunity to exercise the growth of neural pathways that you wish to encourage; like forming a new path in a dense forest: the more you travel this path, the easier it becomes to traverse.

Erin welcomes diversity and operates from the belief that every individual has gifts to offer and that oppression or exclusion along any dimension such as race, social/cultural, gender or sexual identity limits a person’s sense of belonging and connection, and is often experienced as ongoing trauma. Erin strives to mitigate the effects and impact of this on her clients, by intentionally creating an accepting, open and safe space, bringing a socio-cultural analysis to therapeutic conversations.

In therapy, clients are guided to develop greater awareness of their internal narratives (stories we tell ourselves about our self) allowing them to begin to let go of any negative beliefs about the self and initiate change. Erin integrates greater awareness of the breath, as well as mindfulness practices as a way to further assist this change process and develop greater emotional regulation. Erin is very caring and compassionate, and believes that by providing you with a safe, therapeutic environment, you are more able to accept and reconnect with your true self; and more fully become the unique special person that you are.

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