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Meet Jamie:  Registered Massage Therapist

Jamie is always a pleasure to have in Thrive. Her vibrant and authentically kind-hearted personality is an incredible addition to our team and a lovely welcome for our clients.

Jamie has always had a passion for anatomy, physiology, and helping people. She followed her passion and began her RMT career graduating from the Ontario College of Health and Technology and became a Registered Massage Therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in July of 2015.

Through her years of practice, Jamie has learned different ways to approach the individual, unique needs of her clients. She does this by incorporating her own personal experiences of having been an elite athlete at a competitive level, and by recognizing the importance of not only the physical issues that massage therapy can help but also the mental/emotional aspect that hands on treatment can positively affect. Jamie is also a large advocate for implementing continual self care and uses her excellent communication skills to learn and listen about the cause of primary complaints, while educating her clients on ways to prevent or eliminate these issues in the future.

Jamie will use different types of massage techniques, ranging from deep tissue massage to relaxation and understands every patient requires a unique treatment, as no one patient is the same as another.

In 2019, Jamie followed her other passion for travel and became a flight attendant. She is dreaming of the day when she can again be gazing out of an airplane window and until then, we get her all to ourselves here at Thrive and on her days off, she can be found taking her beautiful Australian Shepherd pup out on an adventure.

Jamie has added additional days to her schedule and looks forward to seeing you to help you meet your wellness goals!

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